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Want to borrow money?

Borrow from individuals and bypass the banks – the crowdfunding team. You know how much you want to borrow and we understand that each borrower will have different and sometimes unique requirements. Read more...

Want to lend money?

Why not receive a better rate of interest on your savings? Stratosphere peer to peer lending offer investors different rates of return for their funds that currently range from 6% through to 12% depending on the level of risk and type of funding the borrower requires. Read more...

How it works

What is peer to peer lending? Peer to peer lending (also known as crowdfunding), or person to person lending, allows you to skip the bank and borrow from individuals. Read more...

About us

Stratosphere is a peer to peer lending company. We provide a channel to help businesses and individuals access competitive & flexible finance quickly by directly connecting them to lenders and investors who want a higher return on their money. Read more...

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