Meet the co-founders of Stratosphere peer to peer lending

About Ben Beitler

Ben Beitler director of Stratosphere Peer To Peer LendingHello and thank you for taking the time to visit this website.

My name is Ben Beitler and I’m the co-founder of Stratosphere peer to peer lending.

My background is in IT as a software trainer, database developer and programmer which of course has nothing to do with finance but it was in the mid 1990’s whilst having my own IT computer business, that I became as one of the many ‘default Landlords‘ of that time that developed into a passion for property, and personally, a better way to provide a pension plan for the future.

In 2002, I really started investing in property; building a portfolio spread across the UK as far north as Scotland to the south coast in Southampton and one of the main challenges for me in acquiring a sizable portfolio was of course raising the right finance quicker than the lenders tended to take.

I also started to trade in buying and selling property which meant finding private finance to buy, refurbish and then put back on the market to sell and over time, built up a cash reserve to invest further which now includes trading and investing in the USA.

So in 2006, having built up enough equity, I started to expand within the property sector by getting involved with syndicated loans (which is simply another name for crowd funding) to help fund property development projects for other investors and developers as an alternative way to finance their property deals away from the main stream lenders.

With the post effects of the credit crunch and the tightening of the availability of finance from the banks, a gap in the market has opened up for businesses and especially property developers to turn to alternative funding which now includes short term bridging finance, crowd funding and peer to peer lending.

Having secured the relevant licences from the Financial Conduct Authority who now govern policy procedures for investors wishing to participate in earning a return on their cash and raising funds for borrowers, I am pleased to be able to offer our peer to peer lending service to both investors and borrowers.

Please take some time to browse the various pages on this website and if you would like to know more and cannot find the answers from the FAQ section, then please email us via the contact us page.

Thank you.

About Sharon Beitler

Sharon Beitler director of Stratosphere Peer To Peer Lending

In 2002, we started to build a property portfolio, realising that we would need to make our own pension arrangements for the future, and quickly understood that our greatest challenge would be in the financial arena.

Having run a portfolio for some years, we have experience in the processes used by property professionals and investors. We understand the back office systems, business systems, and resources that need to be in place and work closely with people that support our businesses.

Since 2006, we have been involved with syndicated loans to other property investors (another name for crowd funding). We have participated in loans all over the UK. We have also funded loans direct to property professionals.

Having had many years of experience in this area, in early 2014 we decided to set up our own peer to peer business with a specific focus on personal service. We believe that a return to the old fashioned ways – where we take time to learn about your business and your needs – is the best way to develop a solid working relationship with our clients. Our experience as property investors and financiers allows us to have a good understanding of the challenges faced by our clients.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of our business or if you require our help in any way, you can contact us via the Contact page and we will personally call you back.