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Cash ISA’s: How Low Will They Go?

Cash ISA’s: How Low Will They Go? In 2007, cash ISA rates were averaging a respectable 5.5%. However, the financial crisis of course took its toll, and at the end of 2014, the average rate was 1.6% – that’s a decrease of a whopping 3.9%! Currently, the best fixed rates are offered by The Post […] Read More


The Rise of Peer to Peer Lending

In the last five years or so, the UK’s interest rates have been outstandingly low which has forced people to look elsewhere to get a better return on their money. Many people have turned to mainstream peer to peer lending which is becoming increasingly popular in today’s market, and offering better rates and returns on […] Read More


Peer To Peer Lending: Working Out Your Risk To Reward Ratio

Investing is a Risky Business Building an investment portfolio can be thoroughly rewarding. It can help you save significant amounts for your future (for example, helping you pay off your mortgage early, or ensuring a comfortable retirement) and can also be enjoyable in itself, once you’ve made some profit on your initial pot. Any investor […] Read More


Demystifying The Difference Between Crowdfunding and Peer To Peer Lending

Crowdfunding and Peer to peer lending are alternatives to traditional bank loans for funding businesses that have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but what actually is the difference between them? Generally speaking, peer to peer lending is thought to be a specific activity within the […] Read More

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Pension Rules Changing Next Year: CrowdFunding For A Better Return?

Let’s Talk About Pensions In March of this year, the UK government proposed pension reforms, some that took effect immediately and others that will be taking effect as of April 2015. Arguably, the most significant change introduced starts next year. Under the new reforms, anyone aged 55 or over can withdraw their pension in a […] Read More


Boost for Peer To Peer Lending – The Chancellor Announces New Rule

Peer to Peer lending (P2P) has been given a boost by the Chancellor who has amended a rule that will allow individuals from April 2016 to offset losses from P2P bad loans against other P2P income, although individuals will be able to make a claim through self-assessment from April 2015. Of course this is not […] Read More

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UK Peer to Peer Lending – Set To Be Even Bigger in 2015

That’s a Lot of Cash 2014 has been a year of record-breaking growth for the peer to peer market. As the year draws to a close, it is estimated that the market will have reached just under an incredible £2bn (inclusive of loans, investments and donations). This estimation comes from a report distributed by Research […] Read More


Peer to Peer Lending (Loans in ISAs)

If you scroll down this page or navigate to previous posts, you’ll find a post about the recent pension changes – specifically, how people need to find alternative forms of investment to save for their pension due to the extremely high figures that were predicted as required to sustain 20 to 30 years of retirement. […] Read More


Peer To Peer Lending: Take Control And Get Better Returns

There are opportunities everywhere, you just need to look. This was recently preached to me at a seminar event that focused on the mindset.  Unless we are consciously aware of what is going on around us , and learning to tap into our other senses , we  often tend to miss potential opportunities that are right in front […] Read More

Peer To Peer Lending Firms Need A Good Risk Assessment Team

As we see more and more peer to peer lending firms appear, the need to correctly assess the risk level for any new lending and creditworthiness of a borrower looking to raise finance is even more paramount. If crowdfunding or P2P lending firms didn’t assess or carefully rate these risks, they wouldn’t be in business long as […] Read More