Become an Introducing Broker

Stratosphere peer to peer lending introducing broker program allows you to match potential lenders who are looking for a better return of their funds with potential borrowers looking to raise finance for their businesses where you as the broker are rewarded for any successful referrals.

peer-to-peer-lending-introducing-brokersIt’s a perfect addition to compliment the services you may already provide; in particular if you are a solicitor, accountant, an IFA or have a client base who are generally looking after clients who want a better interest rate of return on their cash or members looking to develop and trade in UK property.

All you have to do is read, agree and sign our IB (introducing broker) agreement and then pass your client contact details over to us and that’s it - Sit back and wait for your fees!

If this is of interest to you and would like to know more about this program, please use the contact us page to request a telephone conversation.